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Andorra, lakes and peaks

Lakes and peaks

Discover the beauty of the Andorran mountains  ! From your quiet hotel in the Ordino valley, you will hike in a sumptuous setting.

With only 10% of its surface area urbanized, the small Andorran state benefits from wild and untouched nature, far from the clichés of shopping avenues and large supermarkets.

7 days, 5 days of hiking in a 3-star hotel

The magic of winter on snowshoes

The Andorran mountains under their white coat  !

With an average altitude of 2000 meters, the small Andorran state enjoys excellent snow cover throughout the winter. Located on the southern slope of the Pyrenean chain, you are sure to find a radiant sun there (except on snowy days  !)

7 days, 5 days of hiking in a 3-star hotel

Hiking and heritage

Andorra has more than forty Romanesque churches and chapels, which constitute one of the jewels of our culture.

Discover them through short walks and hikes.

A different way to discover Andorra!

5 days, 4 days of hiking in a 3-star hotel

Day hike

We do not forget, our hiker friends, coming to discover our beautiful mountain for a day!

Rates from:

125€ in private engagement for 1/2 day.

185€ in day commitment.

210€ in day commitment with night (the price does not include the guide's pension)

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Snowshoe hike

To traverse the snowy mountain, nothing beats snowshoeing, easy, fun, for the whole family...

Rates from:

140€ in private commitment for a 1/2 day material included.

For any other request, contact us.


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