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Perics Tower

Circuit of 5 days, 4 nights in guarded refuges, 5 days of walking



An incredible loop between Haut-Ariège and the Pyrénées Orientales, 5 days of hiking from refuge to refuge. The course wanders in the middle of the lakes on both sides of the watershed line between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the diversity of the landscapes is incredible and the fauna is very present there. Which makes it, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful treks in the Pyrenees  !

Program  :


Day 1: Camporells Hut

We meet in front of the tourist office of Les Angles at the beginning of the afternoon to climb to the Camporeils refuge by the Vallon de Vallserra and de la Balmette, we arrive at the refuge by the Pla des Carboneres

D+ to the refuge  : 443m  ;

+/- 4 hours of walking.


Day 2: Refuge des Camporells, refuge d'en Beys.

We change slopes and climates to discover the Orlu Valley.  from the top  » via a ridge path. We will pass by the Pic de Mortiers at 2605m and its breathtaking view, the Puig de Terres before descending towards the Jasse des Espagnols and  the refuge of En Beys where our friend Sylvain, guardian of the refuge, awaits us.

D+  : 510m  ; D-  : 780m

+/- 5 hours of walking.


Day 3: Refuge d'en Beys, Bessines refuge.

We go up the valley of the Faury pond, the landscape becomes much more mineral there, the chamois observe us from their rocky promontories. From pond to pond, we reach the Porteille d'Orlu. We will then descend towards the refuge by a good path, a last small climb and here we are at the Besines refuge.

D+  : 530m  ; D-  : 390m

+/- 5 hours of walking.


Day 4: Refuge des Bessines, refuge des Bouillouses.

The big step of this trek  ! We go up to the Porteille de Lanos by the pond of Mouslut, from the pass the descent towards the enormous pond of Lanoux, we circumvent it by the north before going up towards the Porteille de la Grave, the descent by the Vallon is bucolic there  ! We arrive at Lac des Bouillouses where we spend the night.

D+  : 730m D-  : 830m

+/- 6 hours of walking.


Day 5: Refuge des Bouillouses, Les Angles.

Through the Barrès forest, we will reach the sources of the Aude and its lake, we will climb to the Mont du Llaret at 2376m, a magnificent view of the Cirque des Bouillouses and the Capcir, before descending to the resort of Les Angles passing by the Roc d'Aude

D+  : 410m D-  : 540m

+/- 4 hours of walking.



Terms and conditions



Moderate level. Accessible to all hikers used to walking in  mountain, no major technical difficulties, passages over unstable scree and a balcony crossing where you have to be careful.


Level  :

Between 5 and 6 hours of walking (including breaks) for elevations of 400 to 800 meters.


Framing  :

By a qualified mountain guide who knows the country and its history perfectly.


Accommodation  :

Accommodation and food:

In guarded refuges with full board (picnic for lunch)


food and water  :

Every morning, you take your packed lunch for the day.

For drinks, you have the contents of your water bottle. Remember to fill it every morning before leaving.

. Do not drink water from springs or streams, it is unfit for consumption.


Dinners and breakfasts  :

Breakfast and dinner are taken at the refuge. These are usually simple meals, consisting of a soup, a main course (meat or fish + starches + cooked vegetables), and a dessert. Drinks (wine, mineral water) are not included in the menus, except pitcher water.


Number of hikers per stay:

From a group of 6 to 12 people maximum.





Dates of your stay :

July and August, depending on the availability of the refuges.


This stay includes  :

5 days of hiking

Supervision by a local mountain guide

Accommodation in a guarded refuge (dormitories).

Stay in full board from the evening meal of the 1st evening to the picnic of the 5th day

Picnic provided (sandwich + fruit + water)


He does not understand  : The picnic of the 1st day, Drinks at the refuges (wine, beer, mineral water etc...)

Insurance, personal expenses (drinks, etc.). Also excluded is transport to get to the meeting point. In addition, supplements due to a major modification of the program are the responsibility of the customer whose prior agreement will, of course, have been requested.

Price 2023


Perics Tower

At nearly 70 years old, this was our first experience of hiking from refuge to refuge.

A real treat and an unforgettable experience!

Josette / Marseilles

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